About us

Sonten Financial and Investment Management Advisory Ltd.

Sonten Financial and Investment Management Advisory Ltd. (Headquarters: 1037 Budapest, Montevideo utca 5., trade register number: Cg.01-09-269376, tax number: 10905487-2-41) It was registered in the Court of Budapest at the Registry Court on the 31/12/1993.

The total share of the firm is  owned  by 3 persons,  the registered capital of the Company is 50 mHUF.

Sonten Ltd. has always been operating successfully.

Sonten Ltd. was registered in the Liquidation Roll of the Ministry of Finance on the 13 January 1995.  At the moment it has 10 operating branches.

Our main operational area is crisis and asset management, windup, asset trustee, furthermore it concentrates on  liquidation areas.These tasks are carried out by a group of economists, lawyers, and technical experts. In complementary professional issues we also involve outsider experts.

We meet requirements of  the liquidation process both in personnel and equipment. Our liquidators have more than 10 years of relevant work experience. Our employees and subcontractors are dealing with more than 300 liquidation processes countrywise.

Our firm as an advisor and financial trustee has been worked together with some banks and asset management companies based on assignments. In these cooperations we generally represent the interests of the owners, furthermore supervise the movement of cash, prepare the business plans and assess corporate assets. These assignments are even extended to providing advice for shareholders/ proprietors, including  monthly controlling reports, cashflow plans, supervising outgoing cash movement in details and evaluation of all the contract drafts.

We can guarantee efficient operation due to the experience of nearly 20 years, given the professional experience and background our team have gained during the procedures of investement management, bankruptcy, liquidation. Furthermore by the fact that they are highly qualified and experienced in economics.